What we do

AFE (Advanced Food Equipment) specializes in designing and manufacturing equipment and automatic lines for both Food and Automotive Industries, such as Custom Conveying Systems, Cooling and Freezer Spiral Systems, Automatic Bagel Lines, Automatic Pita Lines, Tunnel Oven, Oven Loading & Unloading Systems, Seeders, Flour Dusters, Intermediate Proofers, Sheeters, Final Proofers, Reciprocators, Lane Diverters, Dough Feeders, Dough Chunkers, Guillotines, Dough Trough Elevators, Board/Pan Stacking and Un-Stacking, Topping Applicators, Slid Motor Install Station, Industrial Press for Shaft & Spring, etc. Our production equipment and automatic lines can be tailored to any manufacturing facility. Our team consists of experts who are passionate about the success of our clients. We pride ourselves on being industry-trusted solution providers and our offices are based in Toronto.

  • Finished Equipment
  • Custom Design
  • Fabrication
  • Machine & Equipment Retrofitting

Contact us to discuss your specific production requirements. We’re experienced in high-grade production equipment for a variety of industrial sectors.

  • Conveyor System

Material Handling & Machinery

The productiveness of your plant will depend on how efficiently you’re able to move product and complete tasks. We’re here to help you reach your factory’s full production potential.

Maintenance & Repair

Experiencing trouble with machinery and production equipment? Contact us for repair and maintenance support for faulty and damaged factory equipment.

Food Production and Processing Equipment

The production requirement of some of today’s specialty goods can only be fulfilled with specialized equipment and machinery. Invest in your production process with Advanced Food Equipment.

Automotive Manufacturing Equipment

We’ve designed and built custom equipment for a variety of automotive manufacturers across Canada and the United States.

Our Clients Include

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