For many businesses, traditional ready-to-make machines lack the functionality to carry out some of today’s more specialized production tasks. As increasingly sophisticated consumer goods are entering the market every day, there’s been a major demand for specialized production equipment that’s unique and proprietary.

The industry for food production equipment is vast but few providers are able to offer custom made equipment that tailors to the specific needs of each unique production facility. It’s no secret that customized production equipment and automatic lines can be the key to maximizing your plant’s efficiency and reaching your full production potential.

At Advanced Food Equipment, we have rich experience with designing and building food production equipment and automatic lines for a variety of companies across Canada and the U.S. Whether you’re operating a small plant with just a few employees or a large factory, we’re highly experienced in building specialized machinery and equipment that will carry out your production requirements.

  • Custom Conveying Systems
  • Cooling and Freezer Spiral Systems
  • Automatic Bagel & Pita Lines
  • Tunnel Ovens
  • Oven Loading & Unloading Systems
  • Seeders
  • Flour Dusters
  • Intermediate Proofers
  • Sheeters
  • Final Proofers
  • Reciprocators
  • Lane Diverters
  • Dough Feeders and Chunkers
  • Dough Trough Elevators
  • Board/Pan Stacking and Un-stacking
  • Various Topping Applicators
  • Conveyor System